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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Rentals

Gatsby glam. Boho chic. Minimalist zen. If you can envision your ceremony style and décor, you can create it in real life. Such is the state of party and event rentals today. Read on for some great tips and inspiration on creating your dream wedding in Monmouth and Ocean county with the help of rental items. .

Tips for Your Rentals

  • • Make it fun! Consider renting crowd-pleasers such as cotton candy makers and popcorn machines. For outdoor areas, offer games like horseshoes or volleyball.

  • • We are a great source for your party rentals! We can also recommend caterers, floral designers, and venue sites.

  • • How much do you need? Order at least three to four dishes, glasses, stemware and flatware pieces per guest, says Jenny Orsini, owner and creative director at Jenny Orsini Events in New Jersey. For a cocktail hour, you’ll need at least three glasses for each person. Be sure to order at least 10 extra chairs for your ceremony, plus 10 extras for your cocktail party and reception in case you have unexpected changes.

The Essential Questions to Ask

  • • Are you licensed and insured?

  • • Have you worked events at our ceremony/reception venue(s) before? (A very important question, especially for tent rentals!)

  • • Can we view item selections before renting?

  • • Will we be able to view actual rental items from your supply, or will we be shown samples?

  • • Will we be able to contact you on the day of our event? (Get the name and cell phone number of an in-charge person in case of problems and needed solutions.)

  • • Are setup and delivery fees included in our order? Or are they extra?

  • • What are delivery charges for our locations?

  • • How much is required for deposit?

  • • When is deposit due? (Most companies require a non-refundable deposit, which varies depending on the actual rentals. This amount is usually due when you book your rental items.)

  • • When is final payment due?

  • • Which methods of payment do you accept?

  • • When will our rented items be delivered to the venue? Arrange for a time that allows setup without pressure, at least several hours before your event starts.

  • • Will delivery workers bring all rented items inside the venue and set everything up? Or do you offer ‘tailgate service’ delivery, wherein the company just drops off your rented items in a driveway or at the venue entrance, leaving you to carry everything inside and set up yourself?

  • • Will someone instruct us on how to operate the rented item? (Especially key for lighting rentals.)

  • • When will delivery workers return to collect all rented items after the wedding?

  • • How do we prepare rented items for pickup? Do we have to clean dishes, glasses, flatware first, or do we load dirties into their crates?

  • • How will rented chairs need to be arranged for pickup? Some companies require you to fold chairs closed and some require sliding them into padded delivery bags in which they came.

  • • What are the costs and details in case any items are broken or lost?

  • • What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Next, we'll break it all down category by category...


Essentials: Guest tables in a collection of rounds, long family-style, or a mix of table shapes and sizes. You might also consider sweetheart and buffet tables and separate tables for gifts, guest book and family photos.

Don't Forget: If you don’t have a wedding coordinator to handle this task, bring layouts of your ceremony and reception sites to your rental agent, so that he or she can advise on your table choice and arrangements.


Essentials: Chairs for ceremony, cocktail party and reception.

Don't Forget: High chairs for the littlest guests and a pair of decorative chairs for you and your new hubby at the sweetheart table.


Essentials: Guest table tablecloths, table runners, napkins for both cocktail party and reception, as well as luxe or vintage linens for the cake, gift, sweetheart and photo tables. Also consider chair linens: they are a great way to add color and texture to your space.

Don’t Forget: Napkin rings and hidden clips to keep table linens from whipping around in breezes at outdoor weddings.


Essentials: Cocktail-party appetizer plates, china patterns, chargers, dessert plates, bowls for desserts.

Don’t Forget: Unbreakable plates for the little ones — no one wants to deal with expensive breakage.

Stem & Glassware

Essentials: Champagne flutes, bar glasses in various sizes, red and/or white wine glasses, pilsners for beer, soft-drink glasses, water glasses.

Don’t Forget: Martini glasses for dessert servings; appropriate glassware for your signature cocktails. (Know what you’ll serve before you order your glassware.)


Essentials: Utensils for the cocktail party, plus knives, forks and spoons for the reception dinner.

Don’t Forget: Serving utensils, if you’ll have family-style service at your reception. And don’t forget serving bowls and platters. Rental companies offer gorgeous serving platters and chafing dishes.


Essentials: Tents with plenty of room for a dance floor, DJ or band and add stand up cocktail tables around the dance floor for gathering.

Don't Forget: Check with your site to be sure they allow tents. Have your tent rental company conduct a site visit to assess the space, and suggest the ideal tent size and flooring options.


Essentials: Lighting for the ceremony site, cocktail party space, reception area and exterior, if desired.

Don't Forget: Check with your site about their electrical capabilities. You may need a generator to help power your party.

Heating & Cooling

Essentials: Portable fans and electric or gas heating units for outdoor weddings.

Don't Forget: Events leading into nighttime can often be cooler than you expect. Fans are essential to keep elderly, pregnant and/or special-needs guests comfortable on a hot summer day.

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