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Dunk Tank Rental Ideas & Tips

Ideas and Tips for Renting a Dunk Tank

Dunk tanking is the ultimate game of skill. Play it at your next festival, fair, party or prom. You only need two players!

The game is simple: One person -- the "victim" -- sits on a seat over a large tank of water, while another person throws a ball at a target. If the ball hits the target, the seat collapses and the victim plunges into the tank, feet first.

Want to make it even more interesting?  Here are some ideas and tips for renting a dunk tank for an upcoming event.

1. RAISE MONEY         

Dunk tanks are a strange but successful way to make cash for a good cause. Volunteers can raise funds for charity before being "tanked." Some dunk tanks are 4 or 5 feet deep, which could encourage people to donate even more money.


Dunk tanks are more popular than ever before, especially during the summer months when party planners hire these fun accessories for special events. Try to book ahead if you can. You might have to leave the rental company a deposit, but you can sleep easy knowing that you have reserved a dunk tank for your big event.


Dunk tanks are a fun, social activity that all adults can enjoy. This game can also break the ice and help you form new social relationships. These are just some of the reasons why dunk tanks are a firm fixture at work social events, like team-building weekends and end-of-year parties.


Because of their slippery nature, dunk tanks can be dangerous. This is why you should only hire a dunk tank from a reputable, trained rental company. Dunk tanks should be set up properly for both outdoor and indoor use.
Dunk tanks have been a fun tradition at state fairs and carnivals for years. Now, you can hire one of these party essentials for your next event. Remember to book your dunk tank early from a reputable company!

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