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Party Rental Tips

Richard's Sales And Rental Center Of Ocean County Provides Its Customers Tips To Keep In Mind When Dealing With Party Rentals

Do you have an upcoming big party that you're hosting? Don't panic and follow these tips. Hosting a large party or event can be stressful. But your next event can go off without a hitch if you follow these eight tips to get the best deal on party rental equipment:

Do your research: Call your local rental facility to for price information. Visit the facility to inspect their equipment in person. Ask about delivery, pick-up times and deposits. Check to see whether their employees will set up and take down your equipment and what the cost will be. Are there breakage fees if you return an item that’s damaged?

Know your audience: Tables and chairs are easy decisions. For other party rentals, make sure they fit your audience. A bounce house may be too much for very young children and boring for those approaching their teenage years. A dunk tank might be a better option.

The early bird throws the best party: The sooner you place your rental equipment, the better chance of getting what you need. Even if you do not know the exact guest count, it’s best to place your order and make adjustments as needed.

Elbow room: If you want to rent a bounce house and have an outdoor party, be sure you have enough room for the house and room for your guests to mingle, eat and do other fun activities.

Stay in the loop: As with any vendor, confirm your reservations several times throughout your planning process. Notify them promptly of any changes.

Fair weather or foul: If you’re having an outdoor event, consider renting a tent to cover you in case of unexpected rain. If its heat you’re escaping, be sure to position the tent to provide shade where needed. Consider asking for side panels (these may cost extra) to block the sun, rain or wind.

Obstacle course: If the rental equipment company will be setting up the items for your party, clear the area and all driveways and walkways so installation is easy.

Money-saving tip: Rental packages can save you money. If you are renting a tent, tables and chairs see if there is a package that is right for you.

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